Fishing is a bad thing today. Now the population of fish has decreased by 41% because of fishing. Also only 13% of our food is sea food. The bad part is that 51% of lipstick,makeup,and utensils are made from fish parts, whale blubber, whale baleen, and shark fins are used to make these products. The other 49% is artificially made. So we can make the other 51% artificial so that we have more fish.
- AustinIrving AustinIrving May 18, 2007 Austin I. per 6

Conservation Its NOT to late !!! Hunting is when people go into the wild too harm or kill an animal, or to even take it away from its natural habbitat. Some people think it may be okay to hurt and harm an animal but We think its wrong too hurt an animal for one certain body part, for example the elephant. The elephant is a animal thats indangered of be coming extinct. Due to these people that are hunters! The elephant is harmed for its really rare tusks that can be used for many things. Alot of animals are in dangered of becoming extinct. Such as the elephant, bangle tigers, penguins, turtles, pandas, tucans, and the white faced monkey and much, much more. People are not helping the animals population but are simply breaking it down...but we can stop and help the animals now if. We stop killing, hunting and taking them away from there habbitats. If we all just think for a second and help we can help regain the animal population. external image tiger.JPG external image pa3.jpg external image elephant.jpg external image 12.jpg Brittany E- Period:6

People are not helping animals regain their population but are simply breaking the population down........

  • In order to do so people around the globe have built conservations including the San Diego wild animal park. Which many of us have recently visited. Lots of Animals have raised their population since then. Many animals like Tigers, rhinos, elephants, and . Some exotic birds too. Many animals have been killed and many have been saved. Thanks to conservations, laws, and boundries animals have been saying thank you. - Desi_27 Desi_27 May 17, 2007Desiree D. period 6

external image sumatran_tiger.jpgthe tiger... external image Tiger150X220.jpg

You can help them to donate to animal conservations like Busch Gardens, Or the San Diego wild animal park!!!!!

external image Snow%20Leopard%20Wallpaper.jpg
Animals like the snow leopard have been hunted nearly to extinction.

  • Poaching is when a hunter or some one goes into the wild, and hunts down/captures animals for food, skins fur, tusk, medicine, jewelry, ect.
  • People in China kill animals so they can impress their guest with rare food like turtles, tigers, and monkeys.
  • Poaching is bad because most of the animals that are being poached are close to extinction or are already endangered species.
  • Elephant's tusk is very important because ivory is very rare.(ivory comes from the tusks)
  • Poaching is illegal because the poacher doesn't have a license to poach, or the animal is on private property.
  • It is not fair when an animal's mother is caught, and is now on a jacket.
  • - sydneyw sydneyw May 18, 2007

We Shouldn’t Go Fishing (often)

We shouldn’t go fishing because we are killing are environment the more we fish the more animals we loose. As in some parts of are country there are fisherman that use nets to catch fish but sometime they don’t only get fish the get dolphins, sharks, seals, and plenty other animals. Also when we go fishing and people bring along food and they have no trashcan they mostly throw their trash in the ocean, which is polluting our oceans. The boats we use have propellers and those propellers are disorientating are fish because the fish jam into it. Also the gas powered boats are polluting are oceans.
- ZachY1 ZachY1 May 18, 2007 Zach Yonan per.6

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Hunting and poaching is bad because people hunt animals like elephants and rhinos, but they only use very few body parts. So when they keep on doing that the animals get extinct. If you hunt those type of animals its very dangerous. Rhino’s are dangerous because of the horns. Elephants are dangerous because they can trample you. - millie16 millie16 May 18, 2007

By:- JaredC_642 JaredC_642 May 21, 2007
Today overfishing is a consatant problem. We are depleting our oceans and rivers of fish so fast that the fish don't have time to reproduce. Fish populations are large but since we send huge fleets of ships to catch them they cause that oceans to become "lifeless."There are abut 31 speices of fish that have gone extinct in the last 2 decades. Scientists have prededicted that there will be 1,321 less speices in the ocean in 40 years if we keep on fishing like we do today. Stop fishing now!! We hold the fate of the world's oceans!!!!!

external image 1119612958FB6zgk.jpg

Rabbits are one of the most used animals for clothing.

- sydneyw sydneyw May 30, 2007

Did you know that most animals are getting killed to impress
their guest because they want their guest to think that
they have good food? Elephants are getting killed for their tusks
and they cut off their legs so they won't move when they cut off their
tusks! People usually poach on restricted land and don't
have a license! Most animals bodies that were already poached are
left there to rot! - MELISSAyah MELISSAyah Jun 14, 2007