This video starts off a little slow- so wait about 3 minutes and the debate will begin.

The topic is whether or not to donate to a homeless person. The lady is arguing FOR donating to homeless people on the street. She brings up many points as to why we should donate that dollar that is in our pocket. The man that keeps "popping up" on the right side of the screen is her opponent who is arguing AGAINST donating to homeless people on the street. I want you to watch this debate and take note of how many points each person brings up to support their stand ( stand means what they support- FOR or AGAINST) and how they relate the information to the people in the audience and CONVINCING them to be on their side. Remember-- -you want your audience to support and believe what you are saying-- You want to WIN them over during the debate and ultimately when the debate is over!

We will be simulating this type of debate in class-- so take good notes!!! If you have questions -- please ASK!! Hope this helps!

I would like to have a discussion regarding this particular debate and/or questions that you have regarding our upcoming debates!! Please click on the discussion link at the top of the page and begin asking questions or posting comments- The more questions and comments the better your comprehension will be for your debate!!!

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