Hybrid cars get 50-65 mpg. Their gas is the least expensive, an I.C.E. (internal combustion engine) car needs the most expensive gas.
The hybrid also recharges itself as it drives. It runs on both gas and battery, however it is not an electric car.- Rose11 Rose11 May 16, 2007 Alexia M. Period 2
Hybrid Car ; Gas Car
external image honda.civic.500.jpgexternal image gcc.png
- aria aria May 16, 2007
Prius (Hybrid)

external image toyota.prius.500.jpgmoz-screenshot-1.jpgcoolhybrid.jpgmoz-screenshot.jpg
Some people think that Hybrids aren't cool! Well your wrong look at this one and guess what it's a lower price then
a regular car! So you can help the world at low cost. - DRees DRees Jun 18, 2007Delaney Rees Period2

Hybrid cars are good for the environment.On the other hand gas cars let out smog which pollutes our earth.Think about it,
there are billions of people in the state and most of them have cars with gas.When you look at are sky ou see a bit of
brown ....What is it? It is car smog. If this continuse our sky will be like that completely.But hybrid cars dont do that instead they prevent it.
- violetac1 violetac1 May 16, 2007

Hybrid cars are better than gas cars, because they don't pollute te air.:( They also don't cause global warming!:( They are bad for us because the smog is all around us, when you look up to the mountains you see the beautiful mountains, until you look all the way up and you can see smog all around the sky and clouds.The smog causes lung cancer! A hybid car runs off from gas and electricity, which means that it doesn't use a lot of oil that we need for other different things such as plastic, ect. And one more thing as is too expensive right now and not a lot of people can't afford it! In my opinion, I rather choose a hybrid car than a complete gas car!
- narlindudes2 narlindudes2 May 16, 2007Diana R.

Hybrid is good for our environment because it does not pollute our air. There isn't as much danger than with gas cars. Also gas could kill our plants and sometimes people because they could give us cancer. Gas cars could destroy our planet becuse of the smoke thats comes out of cars and buses...

external image tesla-roadster-350.jpg
- D3LSY_MIRANDA D3LSY_MIRANDA May 18, 2007 Delsy Miranda Per. 6

Hybrid cars are better than gas powered cars because they don't pollute our air. I found research that 18-25 year olds in LA County had severe lung problems because the air is so polluted.And all the air pollution ,mainly caused by cars, effects us and animals. Also gas is expensive. In California, about half the air pollution comes from cars.So it's causing global warming.
- - Daniella4 Daniella4 May 18, 2007Daniella Cruz Wednesday, 5:28 pm Daniella Cruz period 6

I think Hybird cars are beter than Gas cars because with the pollution our earth, it is getting to warm and the glaciers are starting to melt and in a few years there will not be any more glaciers existing and the water elevation is getting higher every day of the year. So that is why we need to start using Hybird cars to keep our earth safe and clean so that humans and animals could live safely.
- cutieIssi external image cutieIssi-sm.jpg Yesterday pm

These are hybrid cars.
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This hybrid is a Lexus:
external image rx330.jpg
Some people think all hybrid cars are slow and ugly but this one is faster and looks better then some ,expensive gas cars like the Lamborghini, Gallado, and the Porshe Carrera GT

Hybrid cras are good for our envionment. They are good for the envionment because it doesn't cause air pollution. The gas the car lets out makes smog and smog is bad for us. The gas for hybrid cars are less expensive the the ordinary gas car. When the hybrid car runs out gas it switches to the batteries. Some people think that hybrid cars are ugly, but some of them are nice looking. Much easier to control. The hybrid cars have a yellow sticker. The old cars are the ones that cause the most pollution in the air.- aria aria Jun 5, 2007

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