I'm here to tell everyone that it is already to late to stop global warming. Everyone is saying that we could switch to more cleaner and safer resources, and by doing so we can stop global warming, well they're wrong. Even if we switch to the more cleaner resources the damage we have already done will still be there. The oil spills, the large amounts of CO2 that are in the atmosphere, and the landfills will all still be there. So by now you probably know what I'm talking about and my reasons. We should stop trying to stop it and start preparing for it( Its to late). Now here is picture from 1991 on how the Ozone layer lookes. And keep in mind that this picture was taken in 1991. - his1 his1 May 14, 2007 Alejandro Lopez Period 2

external image hole.jpg
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The ozone hole is a region of the ozone layer where a significant amount of ozone has been destroyed. In this false-color movie, regions with reduced ozone are shown in purple or blue. Regions with enhanced ozone are shown in red. - his1 his1 May 14, 2007 Alejandro Lopez Period 2
I have got some imformation from www.nationalgeographic.com( search Ozone depletion) and it says that every day pollution from refrigerators, hair sprays and things like that will destroy hundreds of Ozone atoms by 65%( in the Antarctic but other places it is being destroyed at a rate of 20%). So if that is happening to almost every atom in the Ozone every day you could guess that is a preety big amount of lost Ozone. Although in the passage it says that the Ozone will slowly reduplicate it self in about 50 years from now because they have stopped putting dangerous chemicals in our products. Well that is just the refrigerators or hairspray/ chlorine, but what about our fossil fuels? We are still burning them at a huge scale every day so if I can imagin it will take more than just 50 years to replenish the Ozone layer. But don't get me wrong its not all about our atmosphere, its also about our environment( plants recieving acid precipation), our ice caps, or the health of humans and animals( the increasing of CO2 will poisen us). In other words there are so many different things going on that involve global warming and we can't tackle them all at ounce it will take too long to reverse the damage we have already done( by then the Earth will probably even more intoxicated). Well here is my posting.
- - his1 his1 May 15, 2007 Alejandro Lopez Period 2

One atom of chlorine can destroy more than a hundred thousand ozone molecules, according to the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The ozone layer above the Antarctic has been particularly impacted by pollution since the mid-1980s. This region’s low temperatures speed up the conversion of CFCs to chlorine. In the southern spring and summer, when the sun shines for long periods of the day, chlorine reacts with ultraviolet rays, destroying ozone on a massive scale, up to 65 percent. This is what some people erroneously refer to as the "ozone hole." In other regions, the ozone layer has deteriorated by about 20 percent.
About 90 percent of CFCs currently in the atmosphere were emitted by industrialized countries in the Northern Hemisphere, including the United States and Europe. These countries banned CFCs by 1996, and the amount of chlorine in the atmosphere is falling now. But scientists estimate it will take another 50 years for chlorine levels to return to their natural levels.- - his1 his1 May 15, 2007 Alejandro Lopez Period 2

Due to the effect of global warming the polarice caps are melting which is effecting our beaches. Our beaches are fading away. Since the water level is rising, beach erosion's effects are increasing. In beach erosion, the waves of the ocean carrie sand particles from one beach to another. So some beaches are getting smaller while others are getting bigger.- Omega15 Omega15 May 16, 2007
Eric Gallarza Period 2
The Inconvenient Truth

This is Alejandro again and here is a more recent picture of the Ozone layer taken in 2007.

external image stratosphere_ozone_layer_sept_2006.jpe
I don't think that we can reverse the affects of global warming because the air is so hot and the green house gasses are all being releaused into the air and we will not have enough time to revurse it.We will sooner or later be killed from the heat and we wont have enough time to reverse it i am sorry to say it. We will probably die of dehidration from the heat. I don't think that we will have time to freeze the water back. I hope that we can freeze them.- midgetpaintballer midgetpaintballer May 16, 2007

Global Warming in the future! This picture shows the damage we will cause to Earth because of the use of all the fossil fuels we are using and it is making all of Earth look so ugly and the effects can't be reversed at all but they can be stopped but if it is some how stopped it will be a huge scare to our Earth for a long time! Burning Earth Look melting ice COOL!!!
Ohh yeah global warming also causes glaciers to melt fast NOOOO!!!- ChivaRC ChivaRC May 18, 2007
Factory pollution! Factories make pollution when all that nasty gas is reliest into the air!!!- ChivaRC ChivaRC May 18, 2007
A sight for Global Warming This shows what the effects of Global Warming for the world and it will increase if we continue to use fossil fuels!!!- ChivaRC ChivaRC May 18, 2007

Global warming is actually the burning of fossil fuels, oils, and gases which is dramatically increasing the amount of carbon dioxide. The carbon gases, which is increasing the heat inside the planets atmosphere.- Omega15 Omega15 May 18, 2007 Eric Gallarza Period 2

This is Alejandro again and I'm here to tell everyone that we can't switch to more renewable recources in time to stop global warming. Solar cells are much to expensive for the average consumer to buy. I found a graph that shows the debts that the average person has to pay after buying a full set of solar panels. In the graph it says that it will take at least 7 years for the consumer to repay the bills and actually start saving money. Another reason is that the average solar cell is only 10 to 18% percent efficient in collecting energy so it will take a lot of money and time to power a whole house. - his1 his1 May 18, 2007 Alejandro Lopez Period 2

external image 10_27_06.JPG

pop_hist.gif Okay this graph shows that the world is to overpopulated. So there is no possible way that we can keep up with the energy demand with less efficient things like solar cells( they are only 18% efficient in capturing light from the sun). That is why we can not stop global warming.