• poaching is good because some people need to kill an animal for food or ivory or furs to survive not because they have to not all poachers enjoy or proud of what they do i think that they just have become very unlucky and have been pushed far enough to kill an endangered species - IDKSOMCUH external image IDKSOMCUH-sm.jpg May 16, 2007 1:30 pm

People who hunt could sell the animal ivory to make money and take care of their family. Imagine a poor almost starved man with a family not much better off than him. They all live in a small rundown hut in which all 7 family members sleep n a hard rock floor huddled together every night. Their small ravaged village is a desolate dry place. by Karapet

  • people nead hunting to survive the need to eat - troublemaker external image troublemaker-sm.jpg May 16, 2007 1:37 pm

  • Did you know that a family of four can live almost a year off of one poached animal?
Some people kill an elephant for it's tusks, others for it's skin and much more.
I mean, would you rather loose one being or four? I think four humans
suffering is much worse then one quick death. Animals usually live shorter lives anyway,
we just quicken up the process. I'm not saying we should all have an elephants tusk in our homes,
but if you need it or truly believe it can help you when your're sick, then what the hay, it's not that many
animals being killed. - ShadowLover1 external image ShadowLover1-sm.jpg Thursday, 9:10 pm-Kristen F. per2

  • Poaching helps people survive and live longer.
One family can live off of one animal (preferably a lion) for up to six months.
Medicine made out of animal parts doesn't actually work.
Animal skin is worth a lot of money......... - STITCHEZ external image STITCHEZ-sm.jpg Friday, 8:36 am kayla barth
Per.2 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3160476727951185319&q=anti-poaching&hl=en

  • without poaching some peple would die very quickly this isnt just grown adults very small children need to eat to and if they dont they could get really sick or they could die this isnt good and then the whole town wont survive because theres no one there some times poaching is critical to eonemy and lives - IDKSOMCUH external image IDKSOMCUH-sm.jpg Friday, 1:17 pm


some people starve. many people starve every day this has gotta stop. hunting can give these food. hunting can also give people clothes. most people can live due to hunting