We should be vegitarian because slaughterhouses brutally murder animals. This video is what happens to make your hamburger or whatever beef you eat. I'm sorry it's not very school appropriate but it's the truth. - dude94 dude94 May 16, 2007

I was going to right a whole big explaination or something but then I thought that the video says it all.- dude94 dude94 May 16, 2007

This video was made by P.E.T.A. P.E.T.A. is a HUGE group of people that try to save animals and are very for animal rights. P.E.T.A. stands for People for the Ethical Treatmeant of Animals. If you want to go to their website here's a link.- dude94 dude94 May 16, 2007

Not that many vegetrians get sick.They have good health. I do know that I need protien but you can get it from other things to. I'm not a vegatrian but i think it is a good idea. Every one need their greens! - KrystalElias KrystalElias

Adding on to what Krystal E just said above, you wouldn't get diseases that the animals get if you became a vegitarian. I think some people should at least try being vegetarian for at least one day and see how it is, it's healthier and it helps other animals. - thekrystletune thekrystletune May 16, 2007


I found this on the net and thought it was funny and got to the point about not eating meat.- dude94 dude94 May 18, 2007

This video is really long, but it gets the point across. - thekrystletune thekrystletune May 18, 2007

There are a lot of animals that are tortured just for their meat. Can you image being in a one foot by one foot cage with up to twelve chickens until you lay enough eggs then killed? what about shot in the throat? I bet you said no to both of those but that is what animals have to go through.- KrystalElias KrystalElias

There's a lot of people trying to STOP killing animals just for food and their skins and all that stuff, YOU can be ONE MORE person to try and stop killing animals too. - thekrystletune thekrystletune Jun 5, 2007