Why does the Science Book state that fish, water, and trees are RENEWABLE RESOURCES??? How can we renew fish if we eat them? How can we renew water once it has been consumed? How can a tree be renewed if is cut down??

The trees can regrow, but the water and the fish aren't renewable. - Rose11 Rose11 Apr 29, 2007

the trees regrow the fish reproduce and the water evaporates goes throught water cycle then come down again - jphillips2 jphillips2 Apr 26, 2007

She's talking about after you drink the water and eat the fish. - Rose11 Rose11 Apr 26, 2007
The fish do reproduce and the water does go through the water cycle all over again idk what rose is talking about AHEAD - IDKSOMCUH IDKSOMCUH Apr 27, 2007

Both are correct-- Jared was answering the question that was in class in regards to what the textbook stated-- I rephrased the question as to how can they be renewed if we consume the water or eat the fish. Can they be renewable?? If so...explain- csonne csonne Apr 27, 2007csonne

I did! - Rose11 Rose11 Apr 29, 2007
relax man its not the end of the world- jphillips2 jphillips2 May 3, 2007