Meat parts-WilfredoB.per.1,3
Eating meats is not only part of Mexican culture.It is also consumed by Italian people with pepperoni,sausage on Pizza. The Chineese culture also consumes it by eatind Chicken with rice or Chowmein. So it is important to eat meat because if we only ate rice beans and stuff vegetarian eat our supplies of food like vegtables would run out. There is alot of meat around the world and If you want proof look at my Picture!! - Antonio52 Antonio52 May 16, 2007

Eating meat is not very important but if you keep on eating stuff that vegetarians eat as Antonio said we are going to run out. Meat is not good for your health but you need to eat something. You see meat every where the vegetarian food is sometimes is bad because some food like mushrooms they can have poison. tamatoes can get raw and any other vegetables. Meat are every where in every country so don't think meat is nasty.- willy79 willy79 May 16, 2007

like they said there are poisonus plants and if there is a new virus that killed plants what would a vegetarian eat?
yes meat is bad for you but without it where would you get nutrients?
most creatures require meat because there bodies arent built for plants.
but now that i think about it i might want to be a vegetarian.
i have a question where else would you get the required amount of nutrients?- gizwiz gizwiz May 16, 2007

This is protein for your brain from the meat. This helps you focus on things like tests.
This is a picture of protein inside meat. Without this, where else would we get it?
Protein Picture-(- Brando900 Brando900 May 16, 2007)-Per.2

People that are vegetarians is hard to get a decent meal in a resturant. Sometimes people that are vegitarians sometimes don't like what they get. us meat eaters well sometimes will get a decent meal. We know that meat gets you fat but we need to something. It is not bad it is the way of life. The meat is every where cows are every where even pigs. Sometimes we don't eat meat the meat because it could be raw. Please don't think meat is nasty!!!!!!!! - willy79 willy79 May 18, 2007.Wilfredo.Bperiod2

The body needs protien and a grain to give you energy and without meat we wont get the enegy we need. Of course we can eat cheese, that's a protein and eggs thats a protein too.There are other ways to get energy you can eat a energy bar and other stuff like clif bars. I respect the people who dont eat meat but where do they get their protein. There are some vitamins that can give you the nutrients you need instead of eating meat.- gizwiz gizwiz May 30, 2007

Meat is not that all good for our bodies because there is greece on the meat but we can take it of. Other cultures also eat meat because it goes with there meal like Chowmein with chicken and rice and beans with Carne Azada.- Antonio52 Antonio52 Jun 5, 2007

Go to this link to find out 101 REASONS NOT TO BE A VEGETARIAN some may be unneccesary but there are some that
are very explainable. 101 Reasons not to be a vegetarian-(- Brando900 Brando900 Jun 5, 2007)-Per.2